Programmable Digital Single Phase VIF Meter with Protection relay

Technical Details
•Display Parameters
&Fault /Settings

Voltage - Current - Frequency -On Hour - Run Hour
•Class: 1.0
•Display: Three Line Seven Segment display, Size 0.56 Three Phase four wire
•Dimension: 96mm(H) x 96mm(W) x 75mm(D)

Features Details
• True RMS Measurement.
• Three Line Display for V, I, F simultaneously.
• 4 Digits in each display line for better resolution.
• CT Ratio Programming (Range: 5/5 to 4000/5).
• Auto scrolling & Manual mode selectable.
• Auto decimal shifting for current (from 0.01A to 1A).
• Programmable Relay (Potential Free Contact) for V, I, F,and ON Hour / RUN Hour Faults.
• Automatic and Manual Relay Reset mode.
• Bright Seven segment LED display for better readability.

User Manual

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