Three Phase Multifunction Electronic Energy Meter (with LCD)

Technical Details
•Three Phase four wire
•Class: 1.0, 50Hz
•Voltage: 3x240V AC
•Current Rating: 10-40A, 10-60A,
/5A (CT operated)
•Display type: LCD
•Parameters:Kwh, V, A, Anti-Tampering Features: Current Reversal, Earth Load Standards,ect
(As per Customer Request Also Available*)
• Applicable: IS 13779

Features Details
Latest ASIC and Microcontroller based digital technology.Low power consumption less than 1 watt.Meter records correct energy with same accuracy under reverse current connection.Meter works accurately under earth load condition.LED′s indication for current reversal and earth load tampering.Meter data download through optical communication. Immune to effects of external magnetic field as per IS : 13779
User Manual

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